G. William "Bill" Butcher is the Founder
of C. J. Shawn & Co.

     STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS -- Seeking to provide clients with leading edge e-Commerce solutions, Bill maintains relationships with leading developers in the US marketplace. Bill has served as President of the Atlanta Chapter of the AMSP (Association of Microsoft Solution Providers) and has been Chairman of the Marketing SIG in the Software Publishers Association (now SIIA).

     Bill's recent engagements include serving as Vice President of US Operations for Internet Frontier, an industry pioneer in e-Commerce solutions; and Vice President - Sales & Marketing for Advanced Technology Services, Inc., where his main charter was to develop the Internet strategy for this major document imaging firm. Bill led the placement of OptiDocdocument imaging software for Document Management system solutions and Workflow projects into major commercial and government establishments.

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Bill's unique blend of successful sales and marketing experience couples with his creative abilities to help clients take advantage of the Web's awesome value as a marketing tool.

Prior to forming C. J. Shawn & Co., Bill was Vice President of Sales for Hayes Microcomputer Products, where he created new distribution channels. Under his leadership, the modem maker reached its heyday in market share.

Using his years of experience with major technical sales groups, such as Xerox and Raytheon, Bill recently led the turn-around of Toronto based Microforum, Inc. Contracted to serve as General Manager, Bill helped guide the company from a game software publisher into a leading Internet developer. GWB e-Resume

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