C. J. Shawn & Co. offers

       --the depth of experience

             --the height of creativity

                   --and the breadth of expertise

to define your business objectives in terms that fit the exciting World Wide Web and Internet marketing techniques

-- turning goals into reality!

G. William "Bill" Butcher founded C. J. Shawn & Co. in 1994 as an Internet marketing consultancy. A pioneer in Internet technology, Bill has been an integral part of adapting the new technologies of "the Web" to traditional marketing, sales, and merchandising approaches.
(Principals & Strategic Partners)

Clients meet or exceed their strategic business objectives through the application of unique, proven Web marketing techniques.

Since successful e-Commerce or Web marketing can only be realized through a unique combination of marketing savvy and technology, at C. J. Shawn, we work at strategic levels to provide a dynamic fusion of marketing experience with technological understanding.

Contact us today for a frank, no-cost, no-obligation, open discussion of how the Web can work for YOUR business!

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